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Lance Wheels

Detachable lance wheels to help operators cover ground more easily

Quick Release Lance Head

This lance head has a quick release connection and is suitable for use with our quick release lance range.

140mm Lance

Our 140mm lance is included with all Foamstream M600s. Also available as a narrow lance for the Foamstream M1200.

230mm Lance

Our 230mm lance is included with all Foamstream M1200s. Also available as a wide lance for the Foamstream M600.

350mm Lance

At 40% wider than the 230mm lance, which comes as standard with the Foamstream M1200, this lance provides a greater treatment area per hour.

Twin Lance

Multi-operator functionality. The smaller 140mm lance head allows greater delivery precision. Available only for M1200.

Power Lance

For removal of dirt and droppings. Suitable for use on delicate and porous surfaces.

Foaming Nylon Scrub Brush

Soft nylon scrub brush for removing moss and algae. Suitable for most surfaces.

Hogs Hair Scrub Brush

Soft natural bristle brush for surfaces which may be scratched by synthetic bristles.

Nylon-Hinged Rotating Brush

 Soft rotating brush for use on most surfaces.

Looking to do more than just weed control?

Foamstream can be used all year round to do a range of weed control, outdoor cleaning and sanitisation tasks. Get in touch today to find out more.

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